Hello from Rick!

                                                     Summer 2022

Hello there!

I trust that everyone is recovering from the last two years. I know we have all been effected one way or another. I can only hope that we have learned to be a little kinder and more helpful to one an another. I personally took advantage of this down time, by writing a new script, a movie tie-in novel, rewrote another screenplay, some new songs, a TV special, and I’ve gotten back into the recording studio. I’m happy to say I’ve also been working on my tennis game, and have seen the Dodgers play live quite a few times!!! I’m learning to enjoy the simple pleasures of life we often take for granted!

 My Christmas special “Merry Christmas From Tahoe” for television is in the works. Due to the pandemic, we were not able to film last year. We’ll also have a live album to accompany the show.  Members of the Reno Symphony will back us up. A big thank here to Jeff Leep. My dear friend Parmer Fuller will be our conductor. This promises to be very special! At present moment I cannot tell you who all of my guests are. I know you will love them! I can say that James Burton, Irlene Mandrell and comedians Williams and Ree are among them. Speaking of James, we are planning to do some more concerts together. Lake Tahoe is looking like the first one on the list. We’ll announce the date and place when all is confirmed.

I’m elated to say that my screen play, Dreams of Gold, which had been on the back burner for some time, is in between development and pre-production. It will be filmed in the Tahoe basin and surrounding areas. We’ve got a great cast and crew lined up for this one. This has been a labor of love for me. Twenty- two years ago, the late Richard Farnsworth, Director Burt Kennedy, my pals Glen Campbell, Bobby Hoy, along with James Drury, Henry Darrow, Don Collier, Producer Jack Thompson and others were on board. They all had made their mark in the world of Western films, and television. We really thought we had a winner. Sadly, they are no longer with us, but they remain in spirit. A few of the original cast members are still involved. This has been one crazy journey trying to get this film made.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone that believed in me and encouraged me along the way. You know who you are, and so do I.

I’ll Be There When You Need Me is being remastered. My late friend and mentor Hal Spencer told me this should be the lead single. The message is very relevant for the world we are living in. Boy, was he right on that one! Hal, you are still guiding me from Heaven.

 Last year, I did do a number of acoustic shows in a San Diego beach community. I won’t say where to protect the patrons and businesses. I guess it made them happy and I was able to try out some of the new material you’ll be hearing on the album. I don’t think I have ever been so creative in such a short amount of time, as I was last year. With God’s blessings, I can’t wait to get out there with James, Jon Hasz, the band, and some new friends. The Performing Arts are meant to not only entertain, but teach us about self-knowledge and expression. To have the opportunity to lift one’s spirits, is something I have never taken for granted. I consider this an honor and a special privilege.

 This gives me the opportunity to thank those that have inspired me and touched my life along the way. I have never, never, done anything to be rich, or famous! If anything, pursuing my dreams has kept me in the poor house. Lol! I do things because it is my passion, a gift from God. It is my sincerest wish and prayer that we see you all very soon! Thank you for letting me share my story with all of you. I wish you much happiness, abundance, and renewed health.

Be good to one an another!

God bless you all!

Love, Rick